Whether you manage an office building, hospital, retail store, or high-rise residential building, the most important responsibility you have is your duty of care to the occupants.

Safety is paramount. Not only do you have a legal responsibility to ensure everything is working properly, but also a moral responsibility to everyone entering your premises. As a building manager, you must ensureall equipment, systems, and conveyances are inproper working order, and here is how you can do that.

Fire Panels and Evacuation Procedures

Whether you manage a commercial premises or are a private landlord, fire safety is arguably the most important system to ensure it is in correct working order. It is strongly advisable that you familiarize yourself comprehensively with the entire fire codes and standards your building must adhere to.

A fire risk assessment should be regularly carried out throughout the premises, an evacuation procedure must be in place, and any necessary training on such procedures should be administered. All escape routes need to be clearly identifiable, and it is important that routes are never blocked from the inside or out.

You must guarantee you have emergency lighting,which should operate automatically throughout the building, and illuminated fire safety signage clearly presented. Fire extinguishers should be positioned on all escape routesin fixed positions where they can be easily accessed, and all fire doors should be regularly and meticulously inspected.

Vertical Transportation Systems

Whether it is elevators, escalators, moving walkways, or other conveyances, your vertical transportation system requires vigilant, systematic inspection and maintenance. All this equipment needs to be precisely installed, maintained, and methodically inspected. One great solution for ensuring absolute safety with these is to outsource this task.

ATIS elevator and conveyance specialists focus on leveraging unrivaled experience and expertise to counsel their clients on properly installing, repairing, and maintaining vertical transportation equipment.When all your vertical transportation systems are taken care of efficiently, knowledgeably, and rapidly, you’re free to dedicate your time to the other numerous responsibilities property owners and managers have to deal with.

Security Systems

A risk assessment should be carried out for your entire property, including any storage facilities and separate outdoor spaces. It is vital you purchase a top-quality alarm system, and it would be prudent to equip your building with CCTV cameras throughout; this is as much for the safety and security of your occupants as your building itself. All technology and security systems should be regularly inspected, maintained, and replaced if faulty.

External security lights should be positioned over vulnerable areas, and if your building is attached to a car park, this needs to be only accessible to employees. Investing in a high-quality security door and locking system would be worthwhile,and all entrances and exits need to be secure at all times. Keyholders should be trusted members of staff, and at least one should be contactable in case of an out-of-hours emergency.

Heightening your building’s systems qualities and capabilities across the board will inevitably result in a more cost-effective, smooth-running business model.

Safety and security will benefit everyone from your employees to visiting companies to your own business, so make sure to follow the above steps to help ensure this.

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