Are you thinking of starting a business but worried that the pandemic will have shot a hole in it before it’s even ready to go live? 

Starting any new business is a risky venture, especially if you leave your current job and plow all of your savings into your new business, but there are a few business models that are proving to be pandemic and recession-beating every time. 

A Word of Warning 

In times of recession, it can seem tricky to feel your way through the murky waters of starting up your own business, and there are plenty of scammers (especially MLM scammers) who will try to take advantage of your vulnerable position but stick at it, and you could have a success on your hands before you know it.

 Here are five business ideas that have proven to be recession-beating and almost pandemic-proof in the last twelve months.

Subscription Models

 You may have noticed a trend, but there are a lot of online businesses that are moving away from the one-time purchase model and moving into the subscription model. 

How does this help? For business owners, it means a recognized monthly income that is regular, and for consumers, it means not needing to worry about buying something or heading to a shop. 

One of the more off-the-wall ideas for a subscription service is a cologne or perfume subscription, a new sample is delivered every month for you to try, and you don’t need to go to the store at all.

Repair Services 

Car repairs, computer repairs, even home repairs, these businesses have managed to stay afloat during the pandemic and have faced the impending recession with guts. 

If you have a particular skill for repairing things that you can put to use, now is a great time to set yourself up while people are still at home and have the flexibility of choosing when someone comes round to fix the leaky shower head!

Mobile Services

 Mobile services have been allowed to work during various lockdowns across the state, and it’s a good thing they have too!

 If you can provide a service, such as nails, spray tan, hairdressing, or even home repairs, you could be in for a windfall as long as you market your business properly, being sure to state how COVID secure you are in your adverts.

IT and Tech Support

 “You’re on mute, Doris.”

“Oh, hang on, I’m losing connection.”

“Sorry I’m late. My laptop crashed.”

 If they are the things you’re used to hearing from endless Zoom calls with your colleagues, then you can easily see the need for reliable tech support and IT services during the pandemic.

 If truth be told, it’s unlikely we’ll be loving in a time when IT and technical support won’t be needed, so retrain now!

Teaching and Tutoring

 Did you homeschool throughout 2020? If you did, you’re probably thinking, “I can do this!” and you’d be right, you could do it, but it was supported to be monitored by teachers.

 This is where tutors come in, get real students and speak with them in real-time.

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