Smartphones have enhanced the entire format of the life. As the name indicates, these phones are capable of processing smarter features when compared with the normal phones to make the life smarter. Now everyone stays connected with the world, shop favourite products and services, and watch movies and favourite shows and enjoy unlimited gaming experience with a smartphone. In simple words, they can be said as a mini-computer that rests in your pocket. Present day smartphones are delivered with high-quality cameras, face recognition security locks, the quality processor for high-speed browsing and more.  If you think the present smartphones have attained its highest efficiency, then it is certainly wrong and yet there are several amazing features you can expect in the future smartphones. Here are some among the important among them.

  1. Augmented reality (AR)

This is one of the fantastic that you can find in the future smartphones. In simple words, augmented reality or AR can be said in accordance with a computer technology that retrieve more information about what we experience through our senses with the use of computer generated input like video, sound, graphics, GPS data and more. To make it more simple, just focus your phone camera to go ‘live’ somewhere to get information on your exact spot and the nearest facilities including dining places, cafes, shopping malls and other facilities.

With this excellent feature, there is no need to make a search or more calls to get the details of the place where you are. Just whip out the smartphone to get the relevant and latest information on what you are looking for. Most of the AR apps make small usage of GPS or what called global positioning system to support the location searches. These features will certainly develop with complete efficiency in another few years to make it common on most of the smartphones. Just keep the camera on a while to get information about the place where you are.

  1. Flexible screens

Do you wish to get large screens on the smartphone at the same time of maintaining the pocketable size of the phone to enjoy movies and games? Then the wait for the same will end soon. Now the companies are getting ready to make the mobile just like a folded umbrella. You can soon get the screens that can be folded and unfolded in the mobile with the help of OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology. This excellent paper-thin screen technology brings the pictures on both sides of the screen. Yes, you can make your friend watching the video from one side at the same time of taking control from another side. You can experience large screens on the same pocket-friendly mobiles.

Now the companies are on task to make the smartphone a wearable product to make it so easy to carry without the feel of a carrying extra device. For example, some companies are on research to design the smartphone like a wristwatch and to unfold it as to make it handset when required. In all terms, you can expect big screens on the smartphones without increasing the size of the smartphone.

  1. In-built projector

If you feel the screen size is not enough even after folding the extra screen, then why can’t you make use of an integrated projector within. Already some of the phones have released with the Digital light projection(DLP) features. Now the companies are on the tasks to make it really effective and flexible. The screen size will be increased with much better perfection. The smartphone is getting tremendous changes to make the home a game station. Yes, you can make the wall of your room the screen in the coming days.

You can enjoy the games on around 50-inch screens that you can create on your wall or any of the flat surfaces. You can make use of your voice or body instead of a physical controller with voice control function and camera to capture the movements and voice commands that help you to interact with objects and features on projected screens using the smartphone. You can expect the smartphones with an advanced feature in inbuilt projector system to make maximum use of the technology.

  1. Screens

Even though the screens are made enough to give the sharper resolutions, the companies are still in the researches to make the screen smarter using advanced versions to 3D screens. We can realize and experience the difference only when the smartphone hits the market with a screen with much more resolution and features.

  1. Battery and other factors

There is no doubt that it is the power from the battery that supports the apps and any added features of the smartphones. Hence the battery life should not come down with the enhancement in features. Other factors to consider include the level of radiation and the heating of the phone. Hence the companies are on never-ending researches to provide the best in smart features without affecting battery life and other said factors.

  1. Cost

This is the factors that everyone one looks for in the smartphone with advanced features. There is no doubt that the cost can increase with the advancement in features. It is the response of the customers to the new devices that assure success and failure of the device in the market. Hence, the companies take utmost effort to provide the best in features at affordable rates to win the competition and the hearts of the customers.

  1. Compare and select

There is no doubt that smartphones with added features will hit the market soon. Never make a blind jump to get stumbled at the wrong doorsteps. At present, there are online stores to bring all of the models of latest brands in smartphones to a common platform. Handsfreewhopper is one of the best online stores that never allow you to miss any of the leading brands in the smartphone. You can get complete information on features and specifications of the phones along with the rates.

 Hence have a look at the best brands in smartphones available in the market with the advanced smart features.

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