Today, many organizations conduct aptitude tests to select the best candidates. They want to hire candidates who are highly proficient and can solve any problem easily. The candidates should be able to utilize their skills effectively for the betterment of organization. The organizations also access the attitude of the candidates and hence they conduct behavioral test for the candidates. The candidate should also prove behavioral competency in an environment. Based upon the situation in the organization, the candidate should be able to undertake decisions in an appropriate way. This test is also conducted for the candidates who are already working in the organization.

Conducting behavior assessment

They want to examine the behavior of a candidate in a motivated environment. The seniors of the organization observe characteristics and behavior of an individual. They conduct this decision to make critical decisions in the business.  The candidates in the organization should possess right attitude to motivate the other employees and others in the business. They should not enter into conflicts, but build warm rapport with the other members of the organization. They should resolve the conflicts between the employees effectively. Also, they should communicate with the senior members of the organization effectively and establish their goodwill with them. They should confidently interact with the seniors of the organization and yet not become overwhelmed if they dominate them. They should be able to tackle them effectively.

Behavior assessment in a workplace

The organizations use modern tools to evaluate the behavior of the candidates in the organization. They measure their behavior competencies in an environment. They should prove their behavioral competency in their work in one or more than one activity. The candidates are usually provided real-life scenarios and they should undertake suitable decisions. The candidates should select the best options and undertake suitable actions examining the effectiveness. This test is conducted when they are recruiting candidates in the organization and also for the existing employees. They conduct this test for the existing employees to modify their behavior and teach them to effectively convert criticisms into a learning process. So, based upon the test, they can suitably train the employees and inculcate confidence within them.

What is the test used to measure?

Conducting behavioral evaluation for the candidates

The organizations conduct behavioral evaluation to test the behavioral competencies of an individual this test is used to measure behavior competencies of an individual. Behavior is an aggregate of person’s skills, characteristics and knowledge of an individual. Employees who are highly skilled in the related field are obviously confident and possess positive attitude. If an employee working in the administrative department possesses good managerial and communication skills are obviously confident. If an employee has completed his MBA degree, then he or she is obviously confident. But, rarely candidates are not confident even if they are skilled or qualified. So, the organizations consider these points and conduct a training program for the candidates. Usually, the candidates who do not possess skills or abilities are obviously not confident. So, the organization conducts skill-building programs for such candidates. If the candidate is not qualified, then they conduct a training program to build their knowledge in a subject. Some candidates although, they are intelligent should yet build their communication skills. So, the organizations conducts program for the candidates to build their confidence. So, the candidates should prove their behavioral competency because they are judged in the organization by other members or people by their behavior. For e.g. If a client visits a workplace, then he observes the behavioral pattern of the candidate. If the candidate is able to communicate effectively with the candidate, then he/she can build rapport with the candidate. So, people observe the behavioral pattern of the candidates than intelligence of an individual. The clients who visit the organization for a short period cannot observe the IQ level of the candidate, but judge on the basis of their behavior.

 To motivate the workforce planning of an organization, the candidates should conduct behavioral assessment for them and then conduct suitable training to the candidates.

The behavior test is different from the cognitive or personality test. The personality test is conducted for understanding the feelings, thoughts and sentiments of the candidates. The cognitive test is conducted to assess the ability of a candidate to perform a specific job. The behavioral assessment test is used to measure behavior of a candidate using certain scenarios in a workplace.  Behavior means the reactions of the candidates based upon a suitable circumstance or situation. Different candidates exhibit different behavior in different situations. But, it can also judge that can be delivered by the candidates for a specific task. For e.g. when a client visits any workplace, the candidate should be able to communicate effectively with the client. Some candidates hesitate to communicate to the client and speak in a non-assertive way. Yet, some candidates behave aggressively with the client without even thinking about the consequences. But, the behavior does not reflect the true feeling of the candidates, but yet create an impression upon the clients. The clients prefer candidates who behave assertively with them. The candidates who are non-assertive may be highly intelligent, but are not confident. It reflects their actions and their capacity to deliver results. A candidate can possess a particular behavior based upon his inner feelings and emotions also.

For e.g. If a candidate is not performing a specific task properly, they should analyze the reason for inefficiency. The candidate may not be qualified or may not possess the skill to perform the job. Some candidates are overly pessimistic that they cannot initiate any action confidently. So, the organization can use a tool to analyze the root cause for the behavior.

Behavior is always an aggregate of skill, knowledge and their traits. So, they can modify the behavior of the candidates.

The large organizations use various tools such as in-box exercises, case-lets sets, case study stimulators, etc.

They can also use some offline behavioral tools such as group discussion, behavioral interviews, role plays, case representations, etc.

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