For small business owners, knowing how to outsource effectively is a crucial part of running your business.

The chances are that you started your business because of your passion for your business area, and that business area is what you are good at. The time you are spending trying to learn the skills needed to support your business is time you could spend on refining your skills in the areas you really care about.

Plus, by outsourcing, you are placing those tasks in the hands of experts in their fields, which means that they will be done to the highest possible standards.


Every business needs some kind of accounting function to keep track of income and expenditure, file their tax returns each year, and make sure that their finances are in the black.

Most business owners will start out doing their accountancy themselves, but as your business grows larger, so does the complexity of your accountancy work, and that can be difficult for someone without an accountancy background to keep on top of.

By outsourcing your accounting function, you can be sure that you will never miss any tax deadlines and that you have a continuity of service. You can also be assured of expert advice to help you to ensure that your money is working for you.

IT Services

IT services are highly complex; it takes skilled professionals in several different areas to keep a business running smoothly day to day and carry out the necessary cybersecurity checks to keep them safe from threats.

Employing this many highly qualified professionals is a huge expenditure and one that a lot of small businesses can’t afford.

A better approach is to pay a fixed monthly fee to an IT services provider who will ensure that you have the most up-to-date software and equipment and that your data is secure. IT services providers are focused on minimizing downtime so that you can be guaranteed that your IT equipment can be relied upon.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is something that needs a huge amount of time and effort poured into it if you want to see good results. Unless you enjoy marketing and want to spend the time learning how to do it, it can be a better idea to outsource your marketing function to an outside party.

When choosing your digital marketing provider, it’s important that you think about exactly what it is that you want to achieve from them. You should also check:

  • What is their marketing like? For example, if they are offering to improve your social media presence – what is their social media presence like? This is a great indicator of how they operate.
  • What are their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)? This means what are they actually offering to deliver to you, and does it seem like good value for money?
  • How do they compare with competitors?

If you carefully think about these things, you should be able to form a relationship with a digital marketing agency that will truly benefit your business.

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