Dubai is land of tourists from all over the world. Not only for visiting this beautiful city but many people come here to get settled here and to do their business here. For residing here, you have to either buy property here or have to take the property here on rent or lease. Everyone wishes to buy my villa here in one of the posh areas of Dubai. As he infrastructure of this city is commendable. Places that are must visit whenever you come here are BurjKhalifa, Mall of Dubai, Jumeriah Mosque, creek Park, Dessert Safari and many more. You will definitely wish that you have some more days to stay here and visit more mesmerizing places. People not only come here just to visit places but now a day people are very much interested in buying property here.

Following are the reasons why to invest money in property in Dubai:

  • High Yields: Dubai property provides high yields which is better than other yields in the international property market. It offers average yield of 7 percent which is much high than other countries like Singapore and Malaysia that offers only 4 percent of yield.
  • Relaxed visa rules: People can also apply for resident permit here in Dubai. Though in many countries there is rule to live in that particular country for certain period, there are chances to buy property there. Now the country is providing 10 years’ residence visas for the investors and business specialists.
  • Diversified Economy: It has a diversified economy, as it generates 70 percent of its gdp from non-oil sectors. It is expected to reach to 95 percent in coming 5 years.
  • Political stability: The UAE political conditions are stable. They are mainly focused in the development of the economy, social, cultural domains.
  • Global Connectivity: Dubai has global connectivity. It is one of the leading hub for the transportation. As we stated earlier it is one of the most visited place in the world. It is center of attraction for the people from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Apart from all these reasons one of the main reason to invest now in property in Dubai is its EXPO 2020 Dubai. It is the largest Expo of the world. It is expected that more than 20 million people will visit this expo. Not only tourists but the business investors will also visit this expo. As this will be golden period for them to invest their money and earn more profits from it. Many houses for sale in Dubai are available. As people are buying houses now so that whenever they visit the expo next year they don’t need to stay in hotels. This Expo is bringing new opportunities in the country’s economy. It is estimated that this expo will provide employment to many people. Not only during the expo, but before that also, many people from all over the world are engaged in this project.

So it is high time to invest in property over here, as some golden opportunities are going to arise in a year here.

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