People usually create wedding invitation card in hindi because they are forced to do one by the family. A bunch of people come to a wedding. There is a mix of young and old. While people in the bride and groom circle might understand, not many of the old people would understand English. And these are important people. It if for these important and old people that a couple would go for a wedding invitation card in hindi. A lot of couples in the north go for3 sets of wedding invitation cards.

Elaborate wedding invitation card in hindi – This is for the immediate family. The family that is very close and has elders in the house who might not understand English. This elaborate wedding card generally has details about the wedding functions, names of other family members, dress code themes, interesting poetry about the couple, details of the couple and more.

Semi-elaborate wedding Invitation card in English – This is for the bigger lot that is not very close but needs to be invited. The ones that are more than an acquaintance and less of a friend.

One page card in English – This is for all those people who you are not so close to but still end up inviting for the wedding.

In the above case a wedding invitation card in hindi takes more importance.

Now that you have decided to do a wedding invitation card in hindi here’s what you need to do.


Get your matras right

Hindi is a mix of different sounds. Each sound has a different symbol. A small change here or there can change things differently. So when you get wedding invitation card in hindi its important to take care of this. .


Proofread proofread. Whatever said and done, this is the most important step in a wedding invitation card in hindi. Do not undermine the importance of this step. Make sure you proof reach your invite before you send it out to everybody.

Add a link to gift registry

As much as couples don’t know this there is an option to get the gifts you want. That option is called the gift registry. Don’t forget to add a link to your gift registry on the card. 


Don’t have to translate every single world.

Some words can be in english. Some people get into the zone of translating every word on their card. That’s not necessary. Some information like the function name, venue and timings.

Don’t put the receiver’s name also in hindi. That can be in a common language

The person receiving the card always \know their name in different languages. There is absolutely no need to keep EVERYTHING in english. 

Don’t Make it religious

They say starting any auspicious wedding function with the blessings of the lord almighty is good. Start the wedding content with the lord’s name but it gets unnecessary when you fill god’s pictures in every page of the card.

So these are the do’s and don’ts of a wedding invitation card in hindi. Hope it helps.

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