In the world of hardware, more specifically levels, there is the Smart Tool and then all the rest. This specific model has set itself apart from the competition, because of its capabilities and reliability. If you are looking to work on some projects that require the use of a level, you can’t go wrong with this version, available from M-D Building Products. Even better, if you are looking to buy a gift for that carpenter or builder in your life, know this is probably the brand they would have on their holiday wish list.

Some Features of this Device

What sets this in its own division, to begin with, is the capabilities of the level. While most other tools like this can only report data at level, which is 0 degrees, and plumb, which is 90 degrees, by use of a bubble,laser level or spirit level, this is at the head of its class.

It is the fact that this measures and reports back digitally. No more of that trying to determine if the line between the bubbles is truly lined up correctly. This will detect all of that for you then, simply, give you the feedback. With this, you are measuring digitally, electronically and also, with the usefulness of a true numerical reading. This feature holds true for every angle. It even does this for all 360 degrees within a circle.

What This All Means

Some common uses for the intricate and serious a device in for construction and building. So, those who stone masons or working in carpentry, can both benefit from a tool this efficient. For example, if you wanted to extend a portion of your roof or construct a brand new deck, you would need to use a bubble or spirit level for a good majority of the project. Something this important shouldn’t be handled by a subpar measuring device.

The great thing is, to, this is quite simple to use. Easier, in fact, than a standard model. Since you have to visually determine what the bubbles are indicating the outcome of the measurements to be, this device gives it to you with easy to read digital numbers. It is as uncomplicated to use as simply turning the device on and get the reading for the angle you are wondering about.

Some other features include an automatic turn off after around 6 minutes, so as not to waste battery power. Also, if flipped over, the reading will automatically adjust so you can read it without any problems. Whether you want to find the ultimate device for yourself or as gift, know you can’t go wrong with the Smart Tool.

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