In order to guarantee optimal use, it is important to maintain and use the refrigerator properly.

Maintenance involves first cleaning: The interior of the refrigerator: Using water with soap added. This cleaning should be done at least once a month. Regarding the freezer part, this must be regularly defrosted, before a layer of frost of more than 5 minutes is reached. Defrost when the compartment is empty or lightly loaded.

From outside the refrigerator: Clean the walls with water and washing-up liquid. Dust 2 times a year the grid behind the refrigerator, ensuring the proper functioning of the cooling circuit. Check the refrigerator seal. For this, you can close your door on a sheet of paper. If it comes easily when you pull on it, the seal should be changed.

Some basic rules regarding the use

Place the refrigerator in a dry and ventilated environment. Keep it away from heat sources to avoid over consumption. Connect the refrigerator exclusively to an earthed socket. In order to avoid overheating, a distance of 5 cm from the wall is necessary. The refrigerator must be level and in a stable position. Wait 24 hours before turning on a refrigerator. Remove all transport locks, outside as well as inside. Clean the shelves and the walls with lukewarm water and washing-up liquid.

Setting the temperature

It is important to select the correct temperature in order to ensure optimal preservation. Make sure that the temperature in the freezer compartment is around -18 ° C.

Inside your refrigerator:

  •       Avoid overloads, they may hinder the distribution of cold.
  •       Leave space between foods to facilitate air circulation.
  •       Remove overpacks from the store possible (cardboard pack)
  •       Distribute the food in the areas of the refrigerator if it has a static
  •       Wrap food before placing it in the refrigerator.
  •       Wait for the preparations to cool completely before storing them without the refrigerator.
  •       Limit the door openings.
  •       Defrost the freezer regularly if the refrigerator does not have a ventilated cooling system.
  •       In case of prolonged absence, empty the refrigerator, unplug it, defrost it and clean it.
  •       Leave the door open to avoid the development of bacteria and the formation of mold.

The different types of cooling techniques used in Refrigerator

There are three ways to cool a refrigerator.

Static cold

This traditional system distributes the cold naturally and freely. The cold, heavier air goes down while the warmer, lighter air goes up. Thus creating zones of different temperatures. For good food preservation, it is important to store food in the different temperature zones of your refrigerator, depending on their nature.

Brewed cold

A fan is placed in the bottom of the refrigerator, circulating the air, thus ensuring a relatively uniform temperature (+ or – 1 ° C), of the order of 3-4 ° C at the bottom and 5-6 ° C at the top. By blowing the fan evacuates the humidity towards the outside thus preventing the formation of frost.

Ventilated cold or “No Frost”

A turbine pulses the cold air which circulates in the compartments then passes on an evaporator where it is rid of excessive humidity. There is no intake of outside air. Some manufacturers allow the dehumidification factor to be adapted to take into account the nature of the food, by adjusting the intensity of the fan.

If you like this guide to how to keep your refrigerator maintained and want to know more about the more best refrigerator and other home appliances’ guides to maintain and buy them, then stay tuned.

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