Who said relationships before marriage are fickle between a girl and a boy? Look at you; you have just completed a year with your beloved. Don’t be shy! Don’t be shy! We know it has been a remarkable journey. From coffee dates to clubbing to long drives, you have enjoyed each and every moment spent with her.  She has not just been part of happy moments, but she has given her shoulder to relax and ears to listen whenever you gone through painful times. She has stood by your side every time you needed the most. Her belief in you & your dreams has brimmed immense confidence in you. So, if your heart truly beats for her, then, it’s time to make her feel special on the first anniversary of your relationship. Getting a sweet gesture from you will make her fall in love with you even more, and your bond will become deeper. You are young, dashing, so ditch the everyday gift items, opt for something unique yet touching. Here we come with top heart-throbbing gift ideas to surprise your girlfriend on the first anniversary of your relationship:                               

  1. Personalised water bottle: Hydration solves various ailments of the body and mind. It’s a key to healthy organs, a happy mood, high energy and glowing skin. A personalized water bottle with the name of your beloved will remind her to drink water every now and then, in case she gets lazy to fill a glass of water. She has to just keep the filled water bottle near her & drink it frequently to avoid getting tired or dehydrated. Her happiness would soar high, seeing her name on the awesome gift given by you. There are various awesome designs available online. Pick the one that suits both the seasons, can keep cold as well as warm water for a longer time to make it a more functional gift. So, start exploring now, surely you will find the best one.
  1. Personalised Key chain: It doesn’t matter how much money you put in to bring a smile to your girlfriend on the occasion of the first anniversary of your relationship, but what matters is how much heart you put into it. So, even if you are short of budget, your surprises can be bigger. Opt personalised keychain; it’s a cute & a lovely gift highlighting the name of your girlfriend. Above all, it is functional and doesn’t put holes into your pocket. She can use it to tag her scooter key, cupboard keys, or can tag it with the chain of her bag to make her attire more lovely.
  1. Personalised Photo Cake: So, is your girl always more interested in binge eating than hoarding things around? Haha! Great, we have an option for that too. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s a cake. But, let us tell you that it’s no longer a regular cake, it’s a personalised photo cake. You can satiate her sweet tooth in the most unusual way. All you need to do is search the most stunning picture of both of you, upload it online at a reputed cake shop and order it. You can also order it from a local bakery. Such cakes are easily available in Delhi NCR like in Gurgaon. A lot of people buy cakes in Gurgaon, especially personalised photo cakes from a local bakery. This cake will cast a magical spell on your girlfriend and would get her into a big smile remembering the best time you both spent together. She won’t resist taking a lot of pictures of this magical cake. 
  1. Personalised Lamp: We always look for tokens that treat our dearest ones in a special way. So, what can be a better gift than a personalised lamp for your girlfriend on the first anniversary? Her feelings would be beyond words to explain how she feels when she lights up the lamp and rays spread around illuminating the room.  It would always remind her of your heartfelt feelings. Surely, she will find it the most romantic, amazing and loveliest gift ever from your side.
  1. Personalised Mug: Last but not least, personalised mug is another great option. So, if your girl usually sips coffee or tea many times a day. Then, a personalised cup is the best option. She would love to enjoy her morning and evening beverages in this mug. You can pick a most beautiful picture of your sweetheart in which her face is glittering like the moon. There are various websites from which you can order personalised mug. So, start searching for it now!. 

On the completion of the first year of your relationship, you must bestow your love on her by giving the most incredible personalised gift we have just discussed. We hope that you celebrate your 1st year anniversary with your beloved in the most beautiful way. 


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