You’ve always wanted to gravitate to a home décor style that revolves around the natural and rustic. Nothing’s better than using pruned or upcycle fallen branches, incorporating them into creative décor materials that are simply awe-inspiring.

  • You can really create colorful and easy décor with cheap branches and twigs you find outside.
  • You can create a colorful and joyous centerpiece, both for daily display and holiday mood.
  • An assortment of painted branches creates a beautiful décor.
  • Materials to use are collection of twigs between 6-18 inches, wall paint samples, and paint brushes.
  • You can use many types of paints for this craft. Use foam brushes along with sleek craft paintbrushes.
  • Apply one shade at a time to each branch. Proceed to another color after the painted branches form an attractive bouquet.
  • Long branches do make a decorative flash point. Tall and organized branches are an efficient and easy to aesthetically fill empty spaces in your room.
  • If you don’t’ have trees in your yard, you can purchase a 6’ tall strong and curly willow branch.
  • It can fill large open spaces in your room. You use spray paint and 4-8’ long branches for this job.
  • After painting, bind the branches together at the foundation, setting them into a jar for balancing their length and scale.
  • A rustic wall hanging, with a chalk-coated upcycle branch can make a glorious home addition anytime.

The garden inside

A contorted and shaped filbert tree can be an awesome candidate. The twisted branches entail a winter silhouette that’s hard to ignore.

  • The springtime, little catkins can become pendulous, green and long. You can bring some of its branches indoors.
  • When collecting the parts to force, remember to prune them to improve their symmetry.
  • You need to enhance the tree’s shape by forcing down the twisted branches as low as possible.
  • The first branch will have blooming buds, which is ideal for forcing.
  • You can cut it at the point where it meets the primary branch.
  • The right time to prune is in mild weather. You can experiment with small plants and shrubs.
  • Planting a flowering forsythia and quince for winter is a good idea.
  • Both these shrubs have that winter vibe and have beautiful branches coming out of it within two weeks.
  • Wherever you make a cut, the branch sprouts, creating potential pruning for the next year.
  • The branches can short or long, depending on your design or vase.
  • Pound the stem ends with hammer. It helps in creating more surface space for the stems to absorb water.
  • You can cut little branches and pound them together. After pounding them, place them in vases.

Things to remember

Decorating your home with branches from your yard or neighborhood is inexpensive and simple. When you top it with a sleek glass vase, it becomes a modern yet natural décor.

Arrange the branches in large glass vases. Take the heaviest, largest piece and put it in the vase. It will form a visual source for the arrangement. You can then add the simpler, smaller branches.

Follow the arrangement line and adjust the twigs to create an artistic and balanced setup. If you have smaller or compact appliances like swings, you can keep them beside the arrangement. Don’t forget to put swing covers on them.


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